Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt …

Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt is using two technologies designed to offer employees and guests protection against the coronavirus. The first is UV-C radiation for surface disinfection, and the second is an antimicrobial coating to keep disinfected areas free from bacteria and viruses. “All rooms in the Country Club & Spa, where the testing centre has been setContinue reading “Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt …”

UV-C: Leveraging the power of light against superbugs

What is UV-C? You’ve likely heard of ultraviolet light before; probably in the context of sun block or a tanning bed. But UV light exists on a spectrum. At the short end of that spectrum is UV-C with a wavelength of 200 to 280 nanometers. For perspective on how small that is, a nanometer isContinue reading “UV-C: Leveraging the power of light against superbugs”

Osram invests in UV LED specialist Bolb Inc.

Currently, the majority of UV-C disinfection applications are based on conventional lighting technologies, usually mercury vapor lamps. Compared to these traditional lamps, UV-C LED technology has the potential to consume significantly less energy, while still providing the high light output required. The collaboration between Osram and Bolb promises to overcome this technological hurdle. Thanks toContinue reading “Osram invests in UV LED specialist Bolb Inc.”