Kempinsky Frankfurt goes UV-C “Disinfection using UV-C rays is completely chemical-free and totally harmless to health and the environment, and independent laboratories in France have confirmed that it is efficient,” explained Patrick Lurat, Sales Director of Surface Treatment at the BIO-UV Group. “This process is even used in hospitals.” Areas where the short-wave light cannot easily reach due toContinue reading “Kempinsky Frankfurt goes UV-C”

Existing UV light technology has potential to reduce COVID-19 transmission indoors

A recent study has shown that a UV light technology already used to prevent the spread of other airborne diseases in buildings has the potential to be effective against COVID-19. The research, published in the journal PeerJ, found that upper room UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) can kill SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, which can be transmitted by aerosolisedContinue reading “Existing UV light technology has potential to reduce COVID-19 transmission indoors”

UV-C Rays Can Free Space From Dangerous Viruses Like Covid-19

Sinar UV-C Bisa Bebaskan Ruang Dari Virus Berbahaya Seperti Covid-19 RumahCom – Upaya untuk memastikan ruangan bebas dari virus terus dilakukan berbagai kalangan. Teknologi memungkinkan upaya disinfeksi dengan menggunakan pencahayaan UV-C yang bisa membunuh berbagai virus, kuman, dan bakteri. Datascrip menghadirkan solusi itu dengan instalasi pencahayaan UV-C.

Ninja Godzilla at Aston Inn Semarang

We are proud to have supplied many Ninjas to many hotels in the Archipelago International group (100+ hotels of the Aston, Fave, Neo and other brands all over Indonesia) to help fight COVID-19, and one of them, the Aston Inn in Semarang has now been highlighted in a recent article in Suara Merdeka Magazine. reading “Ninja Godzilla at Aston Inn Semarang”

Would you like added peace of mind with your hotel room? That will be $30 please

A Boston hotel is offering UV disinfection against COVID-19 for guests, but it comes at a price. (Ninja Note: Nah, this is not the way to go… ) At first it’s nothing out of the ordinary. You go to the Yotel website and book your room, just like any other hotel. But then somethingContinue reading “Would you like added peace of mind with your hotel room? That will be $30 please”

How long the virus can survive

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 via surfaces The role of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by touching contaminated surfaces is not yet fully understood.Enlarge image Droplets of SARS-CoV-2 in artificial mucous were applied to test surfaces. The work is being done within our highly secure Biosecurity Level 4 laboratories at the Australian Centre forContinue reading “How long the virus can survive”


“ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT HAS A LONG HISTORY AS A DISINFECTANT AND THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS, which causes Covid-19, is readily rendered harmless by UV light. The question is how best to harness UV light to fight the spread of the virus and protect human health as people work, study, and shop indoors.”

Airplane Disinfection (in Hotels)

“Medical experts note that UV light is already used to disinfect hospital operating rooms, and two of Southern California’s swankiest hotels, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hilton, recently announced plans to use UV light to disinfect their rooms in response to the coronavirus outbreak.” LA Times, June 23: His plane-disinfecting inventionContinue reading “Airplane Disinfection (in Hotels)”

‘A new normal’: Hilton follows Marriott, Airbnb with cleanliness initiative amid coronavirus pandemic

David OliverUSA TODAY Hilton is partnering with the company behind Lysol, as well as the Mayo Clinic, to better ensure cleanliness in its hotels — part of a hygienic industry trend in the wake of the new coronavirus. The new program will be called “Hilton CleanStay” and aims to to give guests peace of mind when staying at a Hilton property,Continue reading “‘A new normal’: Hilton follows Marriott, Airbnb with cleanliness initiative amid coronavirus pandemic”