Can coronavirus live on your clothes and shoes? Here’s what we know right now

Should you leave your shoes outside and immediately wash your clothes when you get home? We answer these questions and more.

Airplane Disinfection (in Hotels)

“Medical experts note that UV light is already used to disinfect hospital operating rooms, and two of Southern California’s swankiest hotels, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hilton, recently announced plans to use UV light to disinfect their rooms in response to the coronavirus outbreak.” LA Times, June 23: His plane-disinfecting inventionContinue reading “Airplane Disinfection (in Hotels)”

Health & Safety (1)

Source: by Dr. Kevin Kahn Deep ultraviolet (UVC) light emitting diodes (LEDs) are an irradiation source and require due precautions to ensure safe usage. This page contains information intended to familiarize users with the current understanding of some of the general practices and precautions most often recommended in the literature for UV irradiation sourcesContinue reading “Health & Safety (1)”