We are a family business…

… and this is our story:

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, my father was terrified (being 60+, overweight, smoker) and he designed a UV-C sterilising light for our own use. He called it his Ninja, the Invisible Covid Assasin…. He is a bit of an industrial designer so he selected the right materials and components to make a ‘serious’ product, that looked good as well.

Friends then asked to make the same units for their families, and the first 15 Ninjas were made… These were all table top units, and a couple of simple ‘boxes’…

Some of these friends then suggested to make the product commercially and sell them in Bali and Indonesia, and offered funding to do so, so we investigated a bit and found that there were UV-C disinfection products on the market, but they were either small low-power LED units, that seemed to be too ‘dinky’ to have any effect, or very (VERY) expensive and heavy industrial units that needed to be imported from the US or Europe, making them even more expensive.

When we did some simple Facebook advertising, we found that there was indeed a market for a product that used the industrial lamps that were also being used in laboratories and hospitals, but with a friendlier form factor, and a more reasonable price-level.

We also found that there was a lot of interest from hotels and villas, and being in Bali meant that we have a lot of friends in the hospitality business that were happy to advise us on what they wanted and needed, resulting in the Ninja Katana and the Ninja Sentry…

And that’s how we started this business….

When you decide to do business with us, you will get personal attention from real persons, all driven by a vision and mission to carry out our business in a wholesome, fair, transparent and caring way.

If you would like to know more about our products, please email us on info@ninjalights.id or use this form. We will get back to you within a day.

You may also want to follow our Ninja Blog for updates on the science and various uses of UV-C disinfection.

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